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Experience beautiful and exciting trip to the Philippines that’s guaranteed to take your breath away…Plus the perk of meeting the love of your life!

The Gateway to this island paradise is mostly by international air travel but it can also be possible by sea cruise.  Browse through the following suggested airline sites to get a better deal for your money and a chance in to frolic in paradise where fun loving people abound, the sights are just amazing and the ladies of course are oh so lovely. So what are you waiting for! Visit Cebu Read More


Flights to Cebu

You can visit - CEBU the Queen City of the South through direct and indirect international flights. Either way you choose, the journey to this captivating island paradise is really worth your while. The sights and the promise of a lot more it brings make the tiresome trip a part of the experience you will never regret.  Read More


Airfare Information in Getting around the Island with this cost saving tips

Bug by adventurous itch and want to see the sights this paradise has to offer? You’re on!  Getting around doesn’t need further visa and it’s cheap.  The fare ranges from $30 to most expensive being about $100 airfare and the rates depends on your destination. Read More


Entry Regulations

The Philippines Government through is Bureau of Immigration has established an entry policy to the country for Foreign National with or without a visa depending on the place of origin.  A valid and authenticated passport is required.  Here are some guidelines to follow in visiting Read More


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