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  • WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS . I think you already heard the word scammers.  They are group of people or individuals who deprive someone of something by deceit or fraud.  Being lenient to girls is not a bad behavior but do not let this blind your thinking and rationality. [Read More...]
  • WAYS TO CATCH HIS ATTENTION . You probably ask yourself with questions like these….how come some girls draw more attention to men than I do? Is there something wrong with me?  Of course not my dear girl friends, what you need is a little effort or push to make yourself visible to him. [Read More...]
  • WHAT TO DO ON A FIRST DATE . Does first date fret you? If you answer yes, how did you deal with it?  There are circumstances that we cannot avoid to feel anxious especially if we want to mark a good impression to our date.  One may not have enough sleep because he or she is thinking all night what are the do’s and the don’ts to follow. [Read More...]

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