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Diving Sites in the Philippines


Malapascua Island, Cebu


Experience extraordinary kind of diving at Malapascua diving site.  It has out of this world diving sights from diving walls to amazing coral reefs.  Some divers rated Malapascua as the best diving spot in the world.  There are plenty to see when you dive at Malapascua such as thresher sharks, awesome wrecks, mandarin fish, a huge variety of marine life and countless nudibranch (also known as sea slug, it is a soft-bodied marine snail).  Read More

divingsite   Other Scuba Diving Sites

If you are fired up to do marine explorations and want to capture the out of these world sea creatures, Scuba Diving is the answer to your desire.  Philippines has numerous, hottest and world’s best scuba diving sites. It also has the most productive marine ecosystems in the world wherein you can compare it to the highest ranking diving sites all over the world.[Read More]

divingf4   Diving in Cebu

You want an adrenaline pumping experience? You’re on! Diving in Cebu is the answer.  Cebu Dives is one of the spectacular encounters every diver deserves. You will never regret in choosing Cebu as your diving site as it offers you a marvelous and dazzling myriad of underwater wonders with its countless specie of aquatic animals, a host of corals that will take your breath away with crystal clear sea water.[Read More]




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