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First District
  First Image TALISAY CITY
Basked in the beautiful coast of Cebu Province and is the first city located 12 kilometers away from the Southwest of the Cebu City.  Talisay City got its name from the Magtalisay Trees that are endemic in the municipality whilst some accounts said that it got its name from a town in Spain.   In addition, it was formerly an estate or hacienda of the Augustinians and was a visita of San Nicolas. [Read More]
Approximately located 15 km south of Cebu and is bounded by Naga City, Cebu (southwest); Toledo City (northwest); Talisay City (northeast); and Bohol Strait (southeast).  Minglanilla is a first class municipality in the province of Cebu.  This municipality is also known as the “Sugat Capital” of the south.  In addition, Minglanilla is a part of the metropolitan area known as Metro Cebu. [Read More]
  First Image NAGA CITY
This newest city in the South of Cebu is politically subdivided into 28 Barangays.  The City of Naga is also a home of large power station that is situated on a 30-hectare site.  Before it was converted as a city, it was founded as a town on June 12, 1829.   This sleeping town is now emerging as one of the industrial centers in the south of Cebu.[Read More]
  First Image SAN FERNANDO  
San Fernando was founded on 1858 and belongs to a 2nd class municipality.  It has a land area of74.0461 sq. km.  In addition, San Fernando has 21 Barangays and according to 2000 census, it has a total population of 48,235. [Read More]
  First Image CARCAR CITY  
It is a 3rd class city in the province of Cebu, which is located approximately 40 kilometers away from Cebu City. [[Read More]]
  First Image SIBONGA  
Is a 3rd class municipality in the Queen City of the South that is politically subdivided into 25 Barangays.  Furthermore, Sibonga is 50.7 kilometers away from Cebu City and is bounded by the Municipality of Carcar (north); Municipality of Argao (south); [Read More]

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